Cubs Uniform

Members must wear uniform to meetings once they have been invested. This comprises of a Cub jumper. School trousers or shirts can be worn, but other navy or black cotton trousers or shorts are acceptable. Underneath the jumpers, a t-shirt, polo shirt or other casual top is suitable.  School shoes are the most appropriate footwear, although clean trainers may also be worn.  Generally, older clothes are suitable EXCEPT when on Parade or Outings.

Please ensure your child’s name is marked on all items of clothing.

Please be aware that some of our activities can be messy, but we will let you know in advance of this so you can ensure that appropriate clothing is worn.

We provide neckers and woggles free when new members are enrolled, but replacements must be paid for in cases of loss or damage.  If you have any problems finding suppliers, please speak to a Leader.

Once your child has been enrolled they will be given, and can achieve, a great number of different badges. We will always tell you where these should be sewn, but in the case of Group and County badges, please see the handy diagram above.

For more great information on badges please look at the fantastic Scout HQ website