Scouting is intended to give the best possible experience to it’s members through their childhood and providing great memories for the rest of their lives. Of course times change and the challenge we have as a Group is maintaining the funding to run it.

Membership is by subscription, only £15 per month, but to run the Hall, equipment and most importantly run activities we need to look beyond the subscription to raise money through fundraising without passing the cost back to the parents.

1st Calne Scout Group is a registered charity (charity number 305922) which allows us to benefit from Gift Aid which gives a much needed boost from the Treasury. On top of which we then run a number of activities throughout the year for fundraising, which ranges from markets in the Hall, catering at events in and around Calne and many other ideas.

Regarding sponsored events, we tend to get involved with them but it is to put something back from Scouting to the benefit of other organisations / charities, such as Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Even though we’re an active Group for fundraising we still need to have more help. Please if you have the time to spare whether it’s helping at an event or managing them, then let us know. (