A summer camp was held at Sidmouth and was followed by another one there, in —-


At this camp we were joined by three Norwegian Troops and it was named “Caaboska ’62”. The Norwegian Troops returned with us to Calne and were entertained for a week, by the parents and friends of the Calne Scout Group and needless to say lifelong friendships were made.  During this week the New Group Headquarters at Castlefields were opened by Colonel Thyre, County Commissioner.  Presentations were made – to G.S.M. Frank Gregory, of the Silver Acorn for his outstanding services to Scouting, and – to Mr. Cameron Gough and Mr. E.J. Henly, Thanks Badges, for their services in connection with the erection and occupation of the new Headquarters. Frank Gregory, on this occasion, made especial reference to the support which he had received from his sister Hilda, and his two brothers, Bert and Clem, over the years.


Was marked with a summer camp at Weymouth, and a show at H.Q. – “Camping Capers”.


A great loss was sustained by the death , on 5th July, of our Group Scout Leader- Frank Gregory. Frank had dedicated his life to Scouting. His standards were of the highest order and his calling to higher service will be felt throughout the movement.


Under Acting G.S.L. Clem Gregory, the Group went to the International Camp at Ogbourne. The main feature of this camp was RAIN and the remark of an earlier Scouter that “A wet camp was a good camp” was much criticized!


This was followed by a good summer camp at Sidmouth.


Was notable for a complete redecoration of our H.Q.