Summer Camp held in Timberscombe, Somerset.Scout Troop now split to 2 nights, Mondays and Fridays. There are 46 Scouts, 5 Warrented Leaders, 1 soon to be invested and 2 Instructors.  Cub Scouts to split into 2 packs as from 29th October, Subs to go from l Op to 1 5p per week. There will be 48 cubs and 3 Leaders. Ventures had completed the “Chichester Walk”.  Mr D. Smart proposed that Pete Dibben became A.G.S.L. A Sub Committee was set up to arrange next years camp to Sweden.  Mr Smart senior resigned after 66 years in the movement.


3 new dining shelters purchased. 28 Scouts attending on both Mondays and Fridays Mrs Smith reported 48 cubs in total, 24 per night. And things were going very well.  Doug Smart to resign as G.S.L. next year. Mr Smart senior was presented with the Thanks Badge.  Arrangements are being made for our 70th Anniversary next February. Brittannia Building Society window booked for a display in March by John Newton. The camp in Sweden was enjoyed by everyone they were made very welcome. The boys who did not go to Sweden spent a week in Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Mr Newton led one camp and Geoff Lucas the next week. Some boys were lucky and stayed the 2 weeks.  Mr Charlie Brind has erected a new outdoor Flagpole and fitted the new front gates. Keith Barnet and Pete Dibben are leaving the Group. They will be a sad loss. There is a presentation to them on 14th Sept.  At present there are 10 Ventures, still meeting at Compton Bassett.


Cubs still operating 2 packs, 24 in each. Friday Scouts has 26 boys and Mondays 33 boys. There is a newly formed Wessex Gate Ranger /Venture Unit under Leaders Rosemary and Pete Dibben helped by Keith Barnett. 25 are attending regular meetings at Compton Bassett.
70th Anniversary church service on 31st January was excellent as was the Anniversary Dance. Scout Hall painted by Job Opportunity for £250.00. Doug Smart retired as G.S.L. Messrs Tom Goff and Rex Hunt received Thanks Badges.  For their services on the Committee. Mr Mike Carey new G.S.L.
Annual camp at Brownsea island very good despite appalling weather!!  Tent damage was inevitable . Cubs could not visit as planned because the boats could not run. Calne Scouts won the District cross Country.


Ray Mundin now District Commissioner.  Cubs have now gone back to 1 pack of 28 cubs. Friday Scouts have 30 boys and Mondays 32 boys. We are trying a new venture in June and having a Joint Guide and Scout fete on the Green.  There are 17 Ventures and 1 5 Rangers. Calne won the Talbot Trophy again.  Mr David Fort from the Baptist Church is to be our Group Chaplain.  John Newton to retire as Monday night leader. At present Mike Carey running Mon nights, Barry Lucas hopes to take over in February. Audrey Lucas has been appointed A.G.S.L.  Cub Pack full . Waiting List of 55 boys. So list has been closed for the time being.


Boys have won the Talbot Trophy again! Friday and Monday lads joined forces in Spring camp at Taly-bont on Usk Brecon. A very good camp.  John Newton has become Assistant District Commissioner after his recent move to Chippenham. The new D.C. is Pete Williamson.  Numbers of boys remain steady. Mrs Lucas to fill in for Monday Night leader Barry Lucas until Christmas. New leaders needed. A Christmas Card Delivery service arranged for the first time to raise funds for the group.


Christmas cards a great success, £50.00 was made for funds.  Because of leader problems and the new training programme due in April, Scouts reverted back to 1 Troop of 36 boys at the beginning of January.  Annual camp was at “Margam Park” West Glamorgan at “The Welsh Jamboree”. July 23rd to August 2nd. Cubs have 24 boys and 3 leaders also 1 instructor. After the success of last year a Scout and Guide fete will be held on the Green again in June.  All sections entered floats in the Carnival.  Bob Christian joined us as A.C.S.L. from High Wycombe.  Keith Barnett is leaving Ventures soon. He has been with the Group since 1969.  Audrey Lucas became G.S.L from that November.


The group consists of 24 Cubs and 4 Leaders. 36 Scouts and 3 Leaders. All sections helped with “Keep Calne Clean Campaign organised by Ethel Hornby.  Annual Camp for the Scouts was held at Cantref in the Brecon Beacons. Strong winds caused some minor tent damage. Pony Trekking, a new venture, was very much enjoyed.  Bob McDougal received his warrant as A.S.L.  Plant sale held for the 1st time very successfully . Canoes being finished off. Life Jackets needed. Beaver Colony started by Bob Christian on the 12th May.  Ken Logan joined cubs as A. C. S. L.  The grounds at the rear of the hall were turfed and the sides gravelled.


John Newton is now District Commissioner. We have been informed that the hall is in need of a new roof!  Di Elliott is to take over as Akela from Audrey Smith who retires July after 17 years service to the group.  Pete and Kath Jennison have joined us from Lyneham. Pete will be Scout Leader , Geoff Lucas becoming A.S.L.  Kath will be with the cubs. We have a new Beaver leader Jenny Ruddle has joined us after a press appeal for help.  Scouts Annual Camp was at “Gilwell Park” Chingford Essex.


Roof completed in April by Marden Roofing. Subscriptions now £2.00 per month this includes the membership fee.  We are desperate for parents to join the Fund Raising committee. Parents and Leaders to undertake the redecoration of the Hall.  Cubs and Beavers in need of new leaders. Wiltshire Scouts to purchase H.Q. at Potterne. Each group to contribute £10.00 per boy. We need to find £750.00 over 2 years.  All sections very busy with activities. Annual Camp was at Youlbury, Oxfordshire. Very wet and muddy.


Sections working well and numbers steady, Beavers 16, Cubs 24, Scouts 24.  Annual camp for Scouts will be the “Welsh Jamboree” at Margam Park. 2 new tents needed at a cost of approx £250.00 each. Small room in hall to be called the “Redman Room” after Mr Redman who started the Group in 1912. It will be used as our memorabilia room.  The centre at Potterne officially opens on 14th April.  Our Hire charges are under review at present.  Scouts to look after a Flower Bed in the High Street for “Calne in Bloom.”. Held a Scout Hall “Tidy up Evening” Very successful. Lots of little jobs completed.  Membership fee this year £7.50. per person.  Cubs won the District Swimming Shield.